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Publication Announced: Of Roots and Wings

Julie D. Swope demonstrates that while the past affects the future, humans are capable of making a change for themselves in Of Roots and Wings.

York, PA -  In Of Roots and Wings (ISBN 1475154658), licensed psychologist Julie D. Swope provides readers with a depiction of her life as a young girl and her struggle to turn into the powerful woman she is today. Written for anyone trying to overcome adversity, Swope hopes to remind readers that they are not alone by sharing her own painful stories in this novel.

Born into an alcoholic, abusive family, Beverly did not have it easy. Soon, her family unit is broken, sending her and seven siblings into an orphanage. What should have been a safe haven for the young children only turned out to be a abused-filled nightmare.

At the age of four, Beverly and her two sisters are adopted by a wealthy family who changes her name to Julia. But the abuse only continues for the young girl, as her adopted father a doctor, takes her to view autopsies and spend what he calls "quality time." It seems as if every change sets off another series of challenges and catastrophes for Beverly.

"Of Roots and Wings offers  a realistic look at how early developmental experiences impact one's later years," Swope says. "I lived Beverly 's story; I saw firsthand how my experiences as a child affected my development and growth as a young adult."

While Swope hopes that Of Roots and Wings shows readers who are struggling to overcome abuse and their past that they are not alone, she also hopes that her memoir highlights the importance of holding a non-victim mentality. A licensed psychologist, harpist and former school board director, Swope's story told through of Of Roots and Wings shows readers that they are fully capable of living a normal, healthy and happy life, despite past struggles and trauma.

Of Roots and Wings is available for sale online at and Kindle. Check your local bookstores as well.



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