No one can belittle you without your permission.

Eleanor Roosevelt

About Me

I was born Beverly Stauffer on January 21, 1948 in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. Four years later, through adoption, I was renamed Julia Di Medio and grew up in Chelsea, PA. At sixteen years of age, when I filled out my driver's permit information, I entered "Julie", instead of Julia as my first name. From that time on I was legally Julie. I attended Pennsylvania State University from 1965-70, majoring  in Elementary Education. I married my high school sweet-heart in 1966; we divorced in 1973.  I taught elementary school while working on my Master's degree in education from Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania. After completion of my Masters, my interests shifted to School Psychology where I earned my School Psychology Certification at Millersville University in Millersville, Pennsylvania. In 1977 I married and divorced 11 years later. During that same circa, I attained Clinical Psychology credits at Johns Hopkins University and became a Licensed psychologist in 1983. That same year, I founded Yorktowne Psychological Services and in 2004 I extended the practice to Yorktowne Psychological and Addiction Services.

In between then and now, I raised my family of six children, one home made and five adopted. I have seen them try their wings in various directions - some joyous, some heartbreaking. I live with my dogs, Happy and Lucky, and my cat, Lovey, who allows us to reside with her. My "me" time currently includes playing the harp, gardening, traveling world wide, photography and hanging out with good family and friends. I possess a good sense of humor; simple things make me smile.

I have ventured over wondrous landscapes from the air through para-sailing, hot air ballooning, air gliders, helicopters, and planes. I have seen the serenity of the waters through snorkeling, scuba-diving, swimming in a sacred underground cave, kayaking on the edge of an ocean into a luminescent bay and diving into the waters below a crescent moon. I have swam with nurse sharks, sea turtles, and rode the dolphins in the warm blue waters in Mexico. I have felt the thrill of white-water rafting on the Colorado River in early Autumn.

I am at peace with the land through gardening. Several years ago I removed all the grass in my yard and planted perennials and annual flowers; most of the year there is some new bloom of various colors - and I smile.I have been blessed with seeing my box turtles mate and the female dig a hole over several hours to lay her eggs and the following years to see her offspring. I reside with Happy - a blind dog who is an ongoing inspiration, and Lucky who is a devil-may-care wonder. But, of course it is my cat, Lovey who allows us all to reside with her.

On the eve of the millennium I had an unexpected call from the Harp. I was there and answered. It was a spontaneous moment and I've been playing the harp since. I've written songs and lyrics, produced two Cd's and have a third in the making. I directed, produced and performed in two stage shows. My combined interest of photography and the harp led me to create a series of note cards - depicting the harp in unusual settings. I perform solo harp professionally for all special occasions.

I find time at least once a year to travel to a place I've never been. For years I vacationed with my children, or other family and friends to Cancun, Mexico. The warmth of the people led me to feel that Cancun was a home away from home. A highlighted trip, which I won, was to South Korea. It was awe inspiring to experience the Country, where four of my children were born. Ireland was really an adventure, as I had no accommodations or agenda scheduled. I rented a car in Dublin, visited New Grange (underground ruins older than Chichen-Itza), drove across to the coast and followed the harp and fiddle music along the coast. I only got lost for one day; but then I was found again. The sheep and cows on the narrow, windy roads only added to my interest. Wherever I landed at the end of the day, I found a welcoming bed and breakfast.  The people were easy to talk with; and a mug or two of Guinness was exchanged more than once. The joy of Ireland whetted my appetite for more.

Walking through the Coliseum in Rome, wandering through the ruins of Pompei, touring the countryside in Sorrento, visiting the Amalfi Coast and the Isle of Capri wakened my spirit from other lifetimes. I didnt want to leave the Sistine Chapel and the enchantment of the ceiling. I wanted to remain in solitude and breathe in the calmess and majesty. Venice presented playtime with its' gondolas, winding narrow streets to lose myself, and simple to eloquent masks to try on and pretend.

Hawaii gifted me with the abundance of Mother Nature's treasures. Taking a tour of Pearl Harbor and listening to veterans, stirred feelings of sorrow and true patriotship within my soul. I feel the comfort and warmth of the lushness of tropical flowers, black sand,and rainbow falls. 


My mother described me as a "diamond in the rough." She wanted to send me to finishing school; that didn't happen. I remain unfinished.